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Sea transportations

Sea transportations – is one of the most effective and common way to deliver cargo from one continent to another.

There are two types of maritime transport:

  • Deep sea – shipping across the ocean.
  • Short sea – shipping across the sea a short distance.

Cargo can be transported by sea in the following ways:

  1. Container transportation (containers are closed, open and without flanges)
  2. Ro-Ro transportation (transportation technique which can move on their own to the ship, such as a car, tractor, etc.)
  3. Dry bulk transportation (transportation of bulk materials such as coal, gravel, cement, etc.)

International maritime transport is rightfully considered one of the most economical methods of transportation of goods between the continents. Also, delivery of goods by sea is universal because it can help to deliver almost all kinds of goods, regardless of the form, weight and volume.

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